Improv – Think Fast! Act Quick! Ages 10-14

This highly engaging improv class teaches students how to be more spontaneous, trust their instincts, and think quickly on their feet, all while having fun!  Through a variety of hilarious improv games and activities, actors of all levels discover the thrill of performing unscripted scenes that can drastically change from moment to moment! With an emphasis on positivity, students learn the importance of accepting and celebrating mistakes, making bold choices, being a team player and active listening. All great life skills!

Tuesdays, 9/12-11/7 no class 10/31
4:45-6:15 pm
SCCT Studio, 1314 Old County Road, Belmont
Fee: $240

Registration is provided through San CarlosRedwood City and Belmont Parks and Recreation Departments. You may enroll as soon as a city opens their registration process.

Once a city opens registration, a sign up button for that city will appear below. Click the button to register.

If you do not see your preferred city on a button, please check back or visit the city website to learn when registration opens.

Registration opens in Belmont on 12/4, San Carlos TBA, Redwood City TBA. Non resident registration opens 1-2 weeks after resident registration opens.