About Ghostlight

Mission Statement

SCCT’s Ghostlight program provides education, connection and a safe space for youth 12+ interested in deepening their skill and involvement in the performing arts.

What is a Ghost Light?  

The “ghost light” is a single light left on in the theater after everyone has left for the night. It’s a theater tradition dating back to the early 1900s, and we all know theater people love their traditions! According to folklore, the ghost light is lit to ward off any mischievous spirits that may be lurking in the theater from past productions. During challenging times, the ghost light has been a symbol of the theater community’s strength and perseverance. 

What is SCCT’s Ghostlight Program?

Since its founding, one special group has always helped “keep the light on” at SCCT — our teens.  From serving on SCCT’s Youth Advisory Board, to volunteering as Camp and Class Aides, Junior Assistant Directors and Tech Crew, we could not do all that we do without our teens’ endless energy, passion, creativity and encouragement. During the pandemic in particular, our teen community rallied to help keep SCCT  programs afloat. We wouldn’t be here today without their enthusiasm and energetic backing.

In recognition of our amazing teen community, we have established the Ghostlight branch of SCCT, giving teens their own title and making room for more advanced programming. Our staff and Board of Directors will work closely with the Youth Advisory Board and teen volunteers to provide creative, social and service-oriented ways to engage SCCT students ages 12 and up in both our programs and the greater theater community.  Later this year, students will be invited to follow our new Instagram account @GhostlighSCCT and receive our quarterly Ghostlight newsletter featuring tips, updates on teen activities, local audition news, and special invitations to join Ghostlight field trips around the Bay Area.