Tech Crew Opportunities

Lights – Sounds – Sets!

Become a backstage or technical crew member for a show

SCCT is constantly recruiting students between the ages of 10–18 to work on any one of our productions. As a member of the crew you will learn the skills of working backstage, running the light board, operating the sound board, programming the sound effects and setting up other equipment. To be added to our crew call list complete this form. As a production nears tech rehearsal time you will get an email with the specifics for that show. If interested you can respond to that email. Once assigned to a crew, you will be asked to register and pay a $100 registration fee.  For questions about this program contact  Jim Cole at

Tech Crew are first given training and then the responsibility to perform the task. This is not a watch and learn experience. Crew will be learning as they do and are expected to perform to their best abilities. Together as a team we support the actors in creating a superior experience for our audiences.

Safety is an important part of our lessons. Some crew may be asked to climb ladders or scaffolding and handle hot lights. Crew will be using mechanical and electrical equipment. We always teach safety procedures before engaging in these activities. A benefit of being on crew is an added awareness of safety procedures.

Brief Job Descriptions:

Backstage Crew will work under the direction of the Stage Managers. They move set pieces on and off the stage, set props, manage curtains, run special effects. They also will be asked to help the actors as needed as well as help keep the backstage quite and safe.

Light Board Operator works under the direction of the Technical Director or Lighting Designer. They will program the light board during rehearsal and then run the light board during performances. The programming allows for the operator to change many lights with a single button. They will also help with the focusing of individual lighting fixtures. Ladder and scaffold work may be required.

Sound Board Operator works under the direction of the Technical Director or Sound Engineer. They help setup the sound equipment and operate the board and auxiliary equipment (sound compressors, equalizers, wireless mics, wired mics, etc). They are responsible for adjusting the sound levels for the mics and turning on and off the mics as actors come and go on the stage.

Sound Effects Operator works under the direction of the Technical Director. They run the sound effects computer and are responsible for adding and editing the sound effects and then running them during the show.