Cast FAQ

Welcome! San Carlos Children’s Theater (SCCT) is excited to have you as a part of our family. We are pleased to bring you high quality theatrical training for youth. For the children, we offer spontaneity, enthusiastic imagination and fun ways to implement personal growth. For the parents, we offer a safe, encouraging, communicative environment for both parent and child. What makes SCCT come alive is the unique element that each child brings to the theatre.

This section of the website is designed to provide you with information about SCCT and to help with any questions you may have about our program. Please take the time to review this information with your child and direct any comments or questions you may have to our SCCT staff by clicking HERE or call us at 650-594-2730.

General Information

  • All tuition must be paid in full before the first day of the program.
  • SCCT is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged of personal property.
  • Gum chewing, foul language, disruptive behavior, weapons, smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • There is no food or drink (except water) allowed in the theatre.

We discourage parents from viewing rehearsals as it intimidates the students and inhibits their personal and theatrical growth as well as can be distracting to the group. We understand that this may be difficult for parents, but we ask that you respect the student’s desire to explore independently for a few hours.

CELL PHONES: Cell phones are not allowed during rehearsals/shows at SCCT. We encourage actors to leave their cell phones at home. If they are brought to SCCT, we will ask them to set them aside. We want SCCT to be a place of human interaction and learning from directors, staff and each other.

SCCT’s Communication Policy

Communication is an essential element to our program. During rehearsals, each week SCCT sends out a Hot Sheet to help keep you informed of everything that is happening at SCCT. These Hot Sheets contain very important information that you will need to know in order to keep up to date with your child’s program, tickets, rehearsals, parking, media orders and weekly announcements. You will receive your weekly Hot Sheet by email. It is essential that SCCT has a current e-mail address on file. Families are encouraged to contact us at any time with questions or concerns by clicking HERE. We want you to feel informed, safe and confident about your decision to register your child with SCCT.


  • Students are required to bring a pencil, highlighter and their SCCT provided script to all rehearsals.
  •  Students are not allowed to leave the rehearsal or the SCCT facilities at any time during scheduled rehearsals and performances.
  •  Cell phones are not allowed at any time during rehearsals/shows.
  •  Students are not allowed to bring anyone to class or rehearsal.
  •  Lines are due when requested. Each rehearsal, new scenes are blocked, and at the next class meeting, a review is done of all the material previously learned. At this time, all lines, songs & choreography must be memorized from the previous rehearsal.
  •  If necessary, SCCT reserves the right to cut or reassign lines and solos if they are not memorized on time.

General Casting Information

The Process: SCCT’s goal is to give your children the tools they need to participate in an ensemble, and have a fantastic time learning and growing in this group process. SCCT strives to give as much stage time to every child as possible, and encourages them to be part of the cast no matter what character they are cast to play. We’re here to have fun!

Casting: When casting your child, SCCT takes many things into consideration. Some of which are:

Auditioning: We base the majority of our casting choices on the audition of the actor. We encourage them to give the best audition that they can by being prepared, showing character work and researching the musical or play.

Child’s ability: Some students may or may not be ready for certain parts in the show. We ask that you trust our experienced directors and staff to place your child in a part that will encourage him or her to grow as an artist, but at the same time not give them so much that they feel overwhelmed and/or scared.

Rotation of parts: Some students may have a leading role in one session and/or an ensemble role in another, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the child is being punished or isn’t good enough for a bigger part. At SCCT, learning all areas of being in a show is important. Learning how to take a part that has only a few lines and creating a character’s life is a valuable lesson that can be used in all areas of their life.

Hard Work: Many students are given more responsibilities once they have shown a commitment and dedication to whatever size part they are given. Nothing is more exciting to a director and fellow cast members than seeing a student work hard and give 100% in rehearsal and to the show.

No part is too big or too small: Encourage your children to be enthusiastic about their roles, and please discourage them from counting their lines. SCCT is sensitive to the fact that some “lead” parts are bigger than “ensemble” roles, but actors who participate in the ensemble can often times have as much stage time as the principals do! During the rehearsal process many ensemble players are assigned solos or are featured in dance numbers.

Disappointment: This is a teachable moment. If your child is unhappy with their role, we ask you, as parents, to be as supportive as you can. When a child doesn’t get the role he or she wanted, it is natural to feel some initial disappointment. Please re-read the advice in the first paragraph with your child, and understand that disappointment most often turns to delight when your child realizes how important their role is to the production.

Snacks at SCCT

Your children will have snack breaks during their rehearsals at SCCT. Students are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks from home as they use up a lot of energy in the rehearsal period. SCCT also recommends that all students bring water bottles clearly labeled with their names. Snacks should not be shared among actors as others may have allergies.


SCCT requires that all students follow a dress code for rehearsals. This dress code insures that actors are clothed properly for rehearsals and helps to maintain an effective, neutral learning atmosphere. Below is a list of proper attire.

  •  Shoes must be closed toed. NO FLIP FLOPS! No Uggghs or other shoes that are not supportive to minimize injury. Sneakers are allowed, but SCCT recommends proper dance shoes such as ballet or jazz.
  •  No dresses, skirts or jeans of any kind.
  •  Pants should be comfortable and easy to move in.
  •  If the character your child plays wears a skirt or a dress, shorts are required underneath for warm-ups.


Each class begins with a warm-up to get the students to release their day and focus on the work they are about to engage in. It is important for students to arrive punctually, as it is an essential time for bonding and getting to know class members.

Parent Participation

Parents and guardians play an important role in the development of each student. Although SCCT instructors give the students the necessary information for each class and rehearsal, we do require practice outside of SCCT

Tips for Helping Your Child:

  •  Use the provided SCCT practice music to rehearse the musical numbers your child has learned in rehearsal.
  •  Sometimes students are shy about practicing in front of their family; please do not force them! Learning a new personal activity can be vulnerable and often times overwhelming. We recommend you let your child develop at his or her own pace. SCCT wants learning to be as fun as possible.
  •  If your child does want your help, in addition to encouraging them to practice with their CD, go over their lines with them. Help them to not only memorize their lines, but their cue lines as well. (A cue line is the line directly before they speak.) Also, help them to learn the plot of each scene. You can start by asking him or her what is happening in the scene. This will help your child memorize their lines with an idea of what the scene is actually about.


Please be prompt for rehearsals and classes.  Late arrivals are a disruption to the other students.  Students must attend their tech rehearsal.  No exceptions. Pick up actor promptly after rehearsals. Everyone is tired from their hard work, actors and staff alike.

SCCT Ticket Policy

  •  Each cast member receives 2 complimentary tickets.
  •  Tickets are sold online through our website.
  •  Entrance to the shows is not granted without a paid ticket.
  •  There will be a Pre-Sale period for SCCT Members. After the Pre-Sale, there will be a general release of tickets to the public
  •  All seating is reserved.
  •  Please note, any tickets purchased are a final sale. No refunds. Exchanges can be made using the exchange link in your ticket purchase confirmation email up to one hour before the show you purchased it for to attend a remaining show.


Production photos are taken throughout the rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances. Individual portraits, cast photos, and/or production photos are available for purchase.