Set Designer

Job Overview

Set Designers are responsible for the design and implementation of main stage show sets. Duties include working with show directors and parent volunteers within an allotted budget. The theater has a workspace, tools and supplies. 

Duties and responsibilities


  • Reads script in advance of pre-production meeting and creates set of initial designs, presents to Director for approval, makes appropriate updates.  Any changes to original approved design/plans must be re-approved.
  • Design sketches with building details for Director’s approval and make sketches available to Sets Team Members at parent meeting.  Posts at work parties with detailed instructions and timeline for creating each piece.
  • Develops detailed instructions for Set Coordinator and parent volunteers including detailed list of materials needed and suggestions on how to attain the desired over-all look and ‘feel’ needed for the set.    Designer is expected to either shop for materials needed OR spends time researching materials in order to provide exact product information to parent shoppers (paint color and brand, product stock numbers, best location to purchase, costs, etc.)


  • Manages the project by providing a time-line suitable to the required parent hours. Create work party schedule and timeline.
  • Meets and communicates with Set Coordinator on a regular basis.
  • Attends some work parties to monitor progress and help set crew understand design needs. Is available to trouble-shoot when needed.
  • Attends set load-in to oversee initial placement of set.
  • Available during tech week at Director’s discretion.
  • Meets with team to develop plan and organize strike process.
  • Maintains inventory of set pieces
  • Coordinates with outreach schools and community groups regarding set resource availability.


  • Meets with Director and Artistic Director after reading script to discuss Director’s needs, vision.
  • Attends pre-production meeting, attend production meetings or send informed set team member.
  • Attends first Parent Meeting to be introduced to families and meet with new set team.
  • Meets/consults with Set Coordinator on a regular basis
  • Works in conjunction with Props Coordinator if needed to offer advice.
  • Checks in at some work parties to connect with parents and offer input, as well as provide verbal support and motivation.
  • Sends email thank you note to team day of or day after strike.
  • Submits expenses within 1 week of final show.


Set Designer Requirements

  • The ability to design sets
  • Knowledge of theater in general
  • Experience with tools
  • Experience with painting
  • Ability to delgate, coordinate, guide and teach volunteers
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Be responsive to both e-mail and text within 24 hrs 
  • Have a positive attitude and strong work ethic

Salary Expectations

This is a paid job.

Show Dates

Shows take place in November, January, March and two in July. There are roughly 7-11 weeks leading up to the show for the work to take place

 To Apply

Complete this application.